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Williams, Serena - Siniakova, Katerina 13:30
Fognini, Fabio - Pella, Guido 12:48
Lopez, Feliciano - Altmaier, Daniel 08:43
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FC Bayern Munich (Im Not Over) Esports - Tottenham (Megapolice) Esports 14:10
FC Sevilla (Walker) Esports - FC Barcelona (Carlwhizzer) Esports 14:08
Athletic Club (Oolancer) Esports - Atletico Madrid (Weeman) Esports 14:08
Isfahani, M R P/Gutama, S K - Hess, D/Pistorius, J 14:00
Alcala, A/Vazquez, A - Jille, R/Van Der Lecq, T 14:00
Burillo Escorihuela, Irene - Waltert, Simona 14:00
Kim Sen Ir - Selkin, Vladimir 14:00
Kalinskaya, Anna - Mladenovic, Kristina 13:55
Broady, N/Muhammad, A - Golubic, V/Panova, A 13:55
Atletico Madrid (Weeman) Esports - FC Barcelona (Carlwhizzer) Esports 13:54
Athletic Club (Oolancer) Esports - Villareal (Kiser) Esports 13:54
Rinderknech, Arthur - Ymer, Mikael 13:51
Elias, G/Falcao, G - Arneodo, R/Walkow, S 13:45
Gatto-Monticone, Giulia - Samsonova, Liudmila 13:45
Wolverhampton Wanderers (Trader FC) Esports - Borussia Dortmund (Confession) Esports 13:45
King, E/Lenz, J - Benchetrit, E/Clarke, J 13:42
FC Sevilla (Walker) Esports - Athletic Club (Oolancer) Esports 13:40
Atletico Madrid (Weeman) Esports - Villareal (Kiser) Esports 13:40
Sasnovich, Aliaksandra - Xiyu Wang 13:40
Federer, Roger - Andujar, Pablo 13:38
Williams, Serena - Siniakova, Katerina 13:30
Muslikov, Sergey - Yakovlev, Andrey 13:30
Paul, Tommy - Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried 13:28
FC Sevilla (Walker) Esports - Atletico Madrid (Weeman) Esports 13:26
FC Barcelona (Carlwhizzer) Esports - Villareal (Kiser) Esports 13:26
Magnusson, J/Nistad, C - Vallet, F/Vercelot, E 13:20
Flaatten, T/Rikheim, V - Delrue, F/Villeger, W 13:20
Korzunova, Karina - Kandybina, Viktoriia 13:15
FC Sevilla (Walker) Esports - Villareal (Kiser) Esports 13:12
FC Barcelona (Carlwhizzer) Esports - Athletic Club (Oolancer) Esports 13:12
Kato, M/Voracova, R - Osorio Serrano, M C/Webley-Smith, E 13:10
Yakovlev, Andrey - Kim Sen Ir 13:00
FC Barcelona (Carlwhizzer) Esports - FC Sevilla (Walker) Esports 12:58
Atletico Madrid (Weeman) Esports - Athletic Club (Oolancer) Esports 12:58
Skachkova, Irina - Kondratova, Anna 12:45
Abelmasov, Igor - Malahov, Kirill Nikolaevich 12:45
Villareal (Kiser) Esports - Athletic Club (Oolancer) Esports 12:44
FC Barcelona (Carlwhizzer) Esports - Atletico Madrid (Weeman) Esports 12:44
Popov, C/Popov, T J - Yee Jun Chang/Weijie Chia 12:40
Selkin, Vladimir - Muslikov, Sergey 12:30
Villareal (Kiser) Esports - Atletico Madrid (Weeman) Esports 12:30
Athletic Club (Oolancer) Esports - FC Sevilla (Walker) Esports 12:30
Bogdan, Ana - Errani, Sara 12:25
SL Benfica (Dimqaa) Esports - AC Milan (CarlWhizzer) Esports 12:06
LOSC Lille (Weeman) Esports - Ajax Amsterdam (Void) Esports 12:06
Cilic, Marin - Stricker, Dominic Stephan 12:03
Astrup, K/Skaarup Rasmussen, A - Molares, J/Perez, J 12:00
Sousa, Pedro - Dzumhur, Damir 12:00
SL Benfica (Dimqaa) Esports - Ajax Amsterdam (Void) Esports 11:52
PSV (Oolancer) Esports - AC Milan (CarlWhizzer) Esports 11:52
Van Uytvanck, Alison - Konjuh, Ana 11:50
Gasquet, Richard - Barrere, Gregoire 11:45
Henninger, Marius - Thimon, Jonathan 11:40
PSV (Oolancer) Esports - LOSC Lille (Weeman) Esports 11:38
Ajax Amsterdam (Void) Esports - AC Milan (CarlWhizzer) Esports 11:38
PSV (Oolancer) Esports - SL Benfica (Dimqaa) Esports 11:24
LOSC Lille (Weeman) Esports - AC Milan (CarlWhizzer) Esports 11:24
Poprocky, Aleksandr Vladimirovich - Simonov, Konstantin 11:15
Fognini, Fabio - Pella, Guido 12:48
Lopez, Feliciano - Altmaier, Daniel 08:43
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